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Our mission, vision and values.
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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to provide financial opportunities to the Australians that others won’t help, such as people that may have had credit problems in the past, or may be self-employed and don’t fit a typical bank’s lending criteria.

Our mission is to do this by:
  • Helping to make you ‘financially fit’

  • Being genuinely different to a Bank by not only focussing on the best option for you, but being able to recommend other solutions where available.

  • Really listening to you, and treating you as a valuable individual

  • Digging deeper, and spending the time to genuinely understand your circumstances and options

What we believe:
  • Helping those when others won’t
  • A fair go
  • The past is not the future
  • Not judging people

Our process

As a finance broker, our role is to get the best result for you. We follow a process that is designed to achieve this by:
Talking with you to understand your situation.
Identifying the suitable lender 
and product.
Seeking your approval for the 
best option.
Completing the application with you.
Sending it to you to review and sign before submitting.
We then collate all documents and draft a submission letter.

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